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Željka Bohar

Pastry chef

Love for cooking usually happens at home, and so it was with me. Sparkles started passion in my mother’s kitchen when I was watching her with what passion she was preparing all the sweet treats. The seed was sown, but I went my way.

I finished the study of economics at the University of Zagreb, and then for ten years worked in the marketing leading international brands (food and cosmetics) in Croatia and Slovenia. But then the fruit from the little seed of my mother’s kitchen was finally born. Many courses and training followed, but the knowledge gained at the confectionery school of Culinary Institute KUL IN started in me the greatest creative thrill. The fruit from the seed was growing and growing, so I had to find a suitable place and name it. “So be Torterija,” I said!

Torterija is now my world where imaginative confections and cakes are being created. A workshop full of tempting and pleasant aromas. An inspiring space where I’m constantly searching for the right textures and carefully collecting ingredients for the perfect result and full pleasure in your mouth. For me, the confection on a plate is a surprise. In my soul, I am an explorer and a fan of chocolate, spices and full flavors. And the »icing on the cake« of my work is certainly the surprise in the eyes of my clients and their wide smile over the unexpected taste offered by my desserts.